HILGARTNER Stone Sealeris a unique water-based fluoropolymer penetrating sealer that when applied on natural stone surfaces creates a long-lasting invisible barrier that virtually locks-out oils, grease, water, stains, and dirt.  The sealer appears colorless and clear, with only a faint odor.   Does not include resistance to acidic material that may damage the stone by etching.

Usage and Prepartion

For maximum protection of honed or polished natural stone surfaces. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of waxes or other surface coatings.  New cement grout joints should be allowed to fully cure for 72 hours prior to application. Mask off and protect adjacent surfaces not intended to be treated. Always apply in an inconspicuous area before using to test for desired results and ease of application. Let test area cure for 24 hours.


Spread sealer in an even and generous layer onto the stone surface using a clean cloth, brush, lamb’s wool applicator, a dense sponge or a roller.  Work sealer into stone with applicator. Allow contact on stone for 30 minutes. If there is visible residue, wipe off with a wet sponge or fibrous polishing pad. If no visible residue remains after 30 minutes, no residue cleaning is necessary. For best results a second application should be made. WAIT AT LEAST TWO [2] HOURS between applications. Follow instructions for the first application. Sealer will repel itself when completely sealed. For extremely porous stones such as sandstone or some textured finishes our Optimum Porous Stone Sealer is recommended.


Depending on the type of stone, finish, porosity and texture of surface and method of application approximately:  Porous stone 50-100 square feet /per quart, polished stone 200-300 square feet/per quart.

Proper Care

To maintain the stone’s natural beauty and to preserve the sealer we recommend HILGARTNER STONE CLEANER for regular cleaning. Note: If highly acidic or highly alkaline or abrasive cleaners are used, or if steam or high pressure water cleaning is used, sealing activity is decreased.


Use only as directed. Wear latex or rubber gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing. Keep children and pets out of the area during use. Store only in original closed container.

Emergency First Aid Procedures

Eyes: Immediately flush with large amount of water. Skin: Wash exposed areas of skin thoroughly with soap and water. If irritation persists, get medical attention. Ingestion: If swallowed, call a physician immediately. Only induce vomiting at the instruction of a physician.

Use of this product will be determined solely by the user. No warranties express or implied extend beyond the description on this label.