After over 150 years of quality marble and granite work HILGARTNER Natural Stone finally introduces the MOBILE ROC+DOC The greatly increased usage of Natural Stone (marble, granite, slate & limestone) over the past 30 years, has put natural stone to use in tens of millions of homes and businesses. Sometimes they need some doctoring! Whether a chip on a tabletop or a reception desk, a stained fireplace facing, an etch mark from cleaning or any number of minor stone repairs, the problem may not warrant removing the piece, hauling it to a shop for pricing, having it repaired there and then re-installing the piece! So we have put our skilled marble finishers on the road with a fully equipped repair truck. The HILGARTNER ROC+DOC. The concept is simple, much like you might expect when you call a plumber or a computer tech. There is a CALL charge for the ROC+DOC to come out.

The HILGARTNER ROC+DOC can give a “ballpark estimate”, and you pay for his work by the hour at your location. Stone repair is very subjective. Using the ROC+DOC lets you control how long he works, until you are satisfied, thereby letting you control the cost. If the job is larger than a ROC+DOC repair, we will get all information for a formal estimate and the CALL charge will be credited to the work when it is ordered.

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