Our Marble Masons begin their training by working with a seasoned Mason during the course of a 3 year apprenticeship program. The Marble Mason is the most highly trained of all of the trowel-tradesmen, proficient in not only thin tile (as is the Tile-setter) and cubic, thick stones (as is a Stone Mason), but also the standard ¾” – 2” thick slab installation.

In addition, HILGARTNER installation methods follow the standards presented in the Marble Institute of America. Approximately half of the installation drawings in the very first edition of the MIA Design Manual were contributions from HILGARTNER’s own expertise and are still in use today. We sometimes must seek the assistance of engineering firms to solve unusual stone anchoring issues such as we have experienced with the renovation of some historical buildings.

Types of stone installations performed: Horizontal surfaces,
vertical surfaces, toilet rooms and wet areas, counter and
lavatory tops, coping, cubic stone, stools, furniture, stone-faced precast panels, Ecclesiastical applications, statuary and fine arts.