As you may know by our projects section or face book photos, we sometimes have very interesting projects. Here you will find a few recent stories published about our endeavors in the natural stone industry.

Slippery Rock Gazette-September 2013

“The Restoration Project Broke the Mold”

the Wyman tower is a 90-year-old building
across the street from the Johns Hopkins
University in Baltimore, MD. It appeared that
many of the balconies were suffering cracks
from weight or old age.

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HILGARTNER Natural Stone Company Inc.
has several books and trade catalog located
at both the Smithsonian Insitute Library and
American Art Museum.

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Slippery Rock Gazette– August 2009

“Hilgartner Stone Company:Coming Full Circle”

Renovation project to convert the old Maryland
Masonic Grand Lodge into the Tremont Grand.
They had no idea they were stepping back into a
chapter of their own long history.

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   Maryland Deparment of Natural Resouces
                    Maryland Geological survey
“A Geological Walking Tour of Building Stone
of Downtown Baltimore”-1995

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